• Weebly

Weebly is probably easiest website builder for both newbies and professional designers. If you want to start a new website for your brand or you want to learn how to be a website developer, this is a great platform for you. It is easy to use, and targets business, professional and personal websites.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver is a proprietary website development tool developed by Adobe Systems. It offers an amazing environment for every user, combining code editor with a live view.


  • WordPress

WordPress is the most popular website builder platform. It’s a blogging platform created in PHP language, and supports website creation your server with MySQL/PHP database. One of the best things about it? You can use its software as a CMS, and come up with a commercial website.


  • Mockplus

Mockplus is an all-in-one web design tool for mobile and desktop projects. Do you want to develop an easier, smarter website prototype? This is a good platform you can work with.


  • Macaw

Macaw sets itself apart from the competition by providing a flexible image editor, and at the same time writing semantic CSS and HTML.